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Connection kit for Verso XC-B13 counter
Connection and service kit for the Verso XC-B13 bicycle computer. SPECIFICATION Brand: Verso Suitable for: XC-B13
Price 2,91 EUR
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Magnet for Verso cycle computers
Magnet for Verso bicycle computers. Fits all models of bicycle computers. SPECIFICATION Brand: Verso
Price 1,12 EUR
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Sensor for Verso XB-BC18L counter
Wireless sensor / sensor for Verso model XB-BC18L bicycle computer. The set includes clamps for assembly. SPECIFICATION Brand: Verso Works with: XB-BC18L
Price 7,82 EUR
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Verso bike computer holder
Verso computer / bike computer holder. It was made of high quality plastic. The Verso handle has a stable mounting to the steering wheel frame and to the computer housing. SPECIFICATION Brand: Verso Central handle with an jib for the steering wheel
Price 2,68 EUR
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Whether you're a professional or an amateur, there is a group of cycling accessories that you need to stock up on. The obligatory equipment of every bicycle is lighting, brake and sound signal. The law requires a cyclist to have at least one operational brake on the bicycle. Selected brakes can be found in our store in the Bicycle brakes tab. The obligatory sound signal can be a classic bicycle bell, which you will find in this category. Just like the lighting required by law for a bicycle.



The mandatory lighting for a bicycle includes at least:

  • One white or yellow front lamp, fixed or flashing,
  • One red, steady or flashing rear light
  • One red reflective rear light.
  • The front and rear lights are bicycle accessories that do not need to be permanently attached to the bicycle, as they are only required after dark. The only exception is the red reflector on the rear with which your bike should be equipped at all times. Bicycle lighting in our store has been divided into two main types, thanks to which you will easily find the best model for yourself.

    Battery operated lighting are models of bicycle lamps that you can easily install and disassemble on your bike. These are classic versions powered by removable batteries or lamps with batteries that you can charge with a USB cable.

    Dynamo bicycle lights are front and rear lamps driven by the movement of bicycle wheels. It is a functional and economical solution, thanks to which you do not have to worry about changing batteries or charging the batteries.



    Appropriate bicycle locks are accessories that will protect your bike from theft. It is worth equipping yourself with a good-quality bicycle lock, thanks to which you will be able to leave your valuable bike out of sight without any worries. Our store offers various models of bicycle locks, incl. cables and spirals, bicycle chains, U-locks, as well as locks and folding clasps.

    Which bicycle lock should you choose?

    It is a well-known rule to equip yourself with a bicycle lock, which costs 10% of the bicycle's value. This is quite a flexible rule as it all depends on the individual preferences of the rider. Perhaps you don't want to spend large sums on a bicycle lock? Maybe your old bike is valuable to you and you want to best protect it from thieves? It is important to approach this type of bicycle accessories wisely and consider the value of the bicycle as one of the criteria for selecting them.

    A bicycle rope and spiral is the type of bicycle lock that is considered to be the least effective. A potential thief can easily cut such security. Their advantage, however, is their low weight. So if you have decided on this type of protection, it is worth choosing models with a thick rope or armor, which will provide additional protection.

    Lockable bicycle chains are considered to be one of the best ways to secure your bicycle. The hard and movable chain rings effectively prevent thieves from cutting or destroying them. Therefore, it is a particularly recommended lock for a bicycle, which is more exposed to the risk of theft. Bicycle chains are heavier compared to other safety devices, so users often leave them in a place where they leave their bike on a daily basis.

    U-locks are another category of bicycle security which are considered the safest. It is influenced by the strength of the hardened steel rod and the lock that makes up the entire fastener. When choosing this accessory, it is worth following the brand on which the quality of the materials from which the security is made depends.

    Folding locks are characterized by folding hardened steel arms that are connected with each other with rivets. Connections are usually their weakest point, but still provide better protection than typical bicycle lines. Their main advantage is the possibility of folding and easy storage, e.g. in a backpack.


    Suitable bicycle racks allow you to easily move around on a bicycle with additional equipment. Our assortment includes both seatpost racks and rear racks. Luggage transport can also be facilitated by bicycle bags and baskets. A useful bicycle accessory during travels are also spacious bicycle backpacks, in which you can hide not only small tools, but also snacks or personal belongings. For those traveling with children, child seats for bicycles or trailers and bicycle prams will certainly be useful.

    To save a little more space in the backpack, it is worth taking a bicycle water bottle with you. Quenching thirst while riding will be possible thanks to the bottle holder, which is usually mounted on the bicycle frame.

    Among our akYou will also find bike mirrors, fenders and feet, which will facilitate not only daily rides, but also weekend trips on two wheels.



    Well-thought-out equipment at the cyclist's home workshop will allow you not only to ensure a safe ride, but also help reduce the risk of equipment failure on the road. Prepare your bike for a long trip in the mountains or everyday city rides with the necessary accessories for bike service. Stock up on bicycle cleaning and maintenance products, oils, patches and repair kits. Various types of bicycle tools and multifunction tools will also be helpful in minor repairs, inspections and service.

    Bicycle pumps are another essential accessory for a bicycle that every cyclist should be equipped with. Our offer includes many models of bicycle pumps that will work well both on the road and in a home workshop. Choose your type from floor or handheld pumps, as well as shock absorber pumps or models for CO2 cartridges.


    Measure time and kilometers as you ride with reliable cycling computers. These are useful gadgets for a bike, thanks to which you will be able to easily monitor the course of a selected route. In our offer you will find both wired meters and models of wireless meters. Their type can be adjusted depending on the type of cycling sport practiced or the needs related to additional functions. The basic parameters of bicycle computers include the measurement of time, distance and speed. In our store, however, there are also models that are equipped with a thermometer, altimeter, cadence or route recording function.

    Heart rate monitors and sports watches are a practical gadget for every cyclist who cares about the quality of his training and getting better and better results on the bike. Being able to measure your heart rate and monitor your fitness helps you better prepare your body for the next routes. Sports watches have many additional functions thanks to which you will easily achieve your goals.


    Take care not only of your bike, but also of your safety and condition while riding. Equip a first aid kit in case of unforeseen situations. During each bike trip, it is also worth having dietary supplements in the form of nutrients or isotonic drinks with you, which will allow you to maintain energy and well-being during demanding training.

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