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Heart rate monitors, activity monitors, sports watches and accessories


Heart rate monitors, watches and activity trackers are functional accessories that many cyclists use to watch their bike ride. Measurement of heart rate, temperature, distance or other parameters allows you to effectively plan your next training. Track your daily cycling activity and record your progress with high-precision devices from Sigma and VDO.

Cateye Strada Smart heart rate monitor
Pulse sensor with elastic strap for Cateye STRADA SMART and PADRONE SMART computers SPECIFICATION Brand: Cateye Model: Strada Smart Black colour Purpose: STRADA SMART and PADRONE SMART
Price 69,33 EUR 63,78 EUR
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Cateye Strada Smart heart rate monitor
Pulse sensor with elastic strap for Cateye Stealth EVO + / 50 computer SPECIFICATION Brand: Cateye Model: Strada Smart Black colour Purpose: Stealth EVO + / 50
Price 43,25 EUR 39,79 EUR
Availability: Within 48 hours
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Cateye Strada Digital Wirelles V3N heart rate monitor
HR-10 pulse sensor with elastic strap for Cateye STRADA DIGITAL WIRELLES, V3N SPECIFICATION Brand: Cateye Model: Strada Digital Wirelles V3N Black colour Purpose: STRADA DIGITAL WIRELLES, V3N
Price 43,03 EUR 39,59 EUR
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Whether you're a professional or an amateur, there is a group of bike accessories you need to have. Every bicycle should be obligatorily equipped with lights, brakes and a bell. The law requires a cyclist to have at least one efficient brake in the bicycle. You can find the selected brakes in our shop in the “Bicycle brakes” tab. The required sound signal may be a classical bell you will find in this category. The same applies to the bicycle lights as required by law.



The obligatory bicycle lights include at least:

  • One white or yellow headlight, fixed or blinking;
  • One rear red light, fixed or blinking;
  • One rear red light, reflective.
  • Front and rear lights are bicycle accessories which do not have to be permanently attached to the bicycle as they are only required after dark. The only exception is the rear red reflective light that your bike should be equipped with at all times. The bike lights in our shop have been divided into two main types, so you can easily find the best model for you.

    Battery lights are bicycle lights that you can easily install on and disassemble from your bike. These include classical versions supplied with interchangeable batteries or lights with batteries charged using an USB cable.

    Dynamo bicycle lights are front and rear lights driven by bicycle wheel movement. It is a functional and cost-efficient solution thanks to which you do not have to worry about replacing or charging batteries.



    Suitable bike protections are accessories that protect your bike from theft. It is a good idea to equip your bike with a good quality lock enabling you to not worry and to keep your precious bike out of your sight. Our shop offers various types of bicycle protections such as cables and spirals, chains, U-locks and folding locks.

    Which bicycle locks should I choose?

    In general, the rule is to equip the bike with a protection that costs 10% of the bicycle's value. This is a fairly flexible principle as it all depends on the individual preferences of the cyclist. Perhaps you don't want to buy an expensive lock? Maybe your old bike is valuable to you, and you want to make sure that it is protected from theft? It is important to deal with the issue of bicycle accessories reasonably and consider the bicycle value as one of the criteria of their selection.

    Bicycle cable and spiral are two types of bike locks considered to be the least effective. Any thief can easily cut such a protection. Their advantage, however, is low weight. If you choose this kind of protection, it is worth selecting models with a thick cable or armoured cable that will provide extra protection.

    Bicycle chains with a lock are considered one of the best ways to secure the bike. Hard and movable chain rings make it impossible for thieves to cut or destroy them. This is why this lock is particularly recommended for the bikes which are more exposed to the risk of theft. Bike chains are heavier in comparison to other protections, so users often leave them e.g. in a place where they leave their bike everyday.

    U-locks are another category of bicycle protections which are considered the safest. This is influenced by the strength of the quenched steel bar and the lock which comprises the entire unit. When selecting this accessory, it is worth paying attention to the brand which determines the quality of materials from which the protection is made.

    Folding locks are distinguished by folded interconnected quenched steel arms. Joints are usually their weakest points, but they still provide a better protection than typical bike cables. Their main advantage is the possibility of folding and easy storage, e.g. in the backpack.


    Suitable bicycle luggage carriers make it easy to ride a bike with additional equipment. Our portfolio includes both seatpost carriers and rear carriers. To carry the luggage, you may also use bags and baskets. Useful bicycle accessories for trips are also capacious backpacks where you can store not only small tools, but also snacks or personal belongings. Persons riding with children will also need child seats, child trailers or cargo trailers.

    To save a little bit more space in your backpack, it's worth taking a hydration bottle with you. To quench your thirst while riding, you only need to have a bottle cage which is usually mounted on the frame.

    Apart from our bike accessories, we also offers mirrors, mudguards and kickstands which will make easier not only everyday trips, but also weekend's two-wheel excursions.



    Smart equipment for a home bike workshop will not only enable you to ride safely, but also help limit the risk of failure of the equipment on the road. Prepare your bike for a long journey in the mountains or everyday ride around the city using the necessary bicycle service accessories. Purchase bike cleaning and maintenance agents, oils, patches and tyre repair kits. To facilitate small repairs, inspections and servicing, find various types of bicycle and multi-function tools.

    Bicycle pumps is another must-have for a cyclist. Our product range includes many bicycle pump models that will work well both on the road and in the home workshop. Choose your model from floor or hand pumps, as well as suspension pumps or pumps with CO2 cartridges.


    Measure the time and distance by using reliable bicycle meters. They are useful gadgets for a bicycle which allow you to easily monitor the course of a selected route. Our range includes both wired and wireless meters. You can adjust their type depending on your bicycle sports discipline or needs associated with additional features. The basic parameters of bicycle meters are measurement of time, distance and speed. However, we also have models equipped with a thermometer, altimeter, cadence or a function for recording routes.

    Heart rate monitors and sport watches are practical devices for every cyclist who cares about the quality of his/her training and getting better results on cycling. The ability to measure pulse and monitor your condition helps better prepare your body for subsequent routes. Sport watches have many additional features that enable you to achieve your goals with ease.


    Take care not only of your bike, but also of your safety and condition on the road. Equip yourself with a first-aid kit for unforeseen events. When you ride a bike, you should also have food supplements, such as nutrients or isotonic drinks, which will help you keep your energy and well-being high during demanding training sessions.

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