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Author Men Sport X7 ARP Jersey
The AUTHOR Men Sport cycling jersey is created from our pro range ARP ( AUTHOR RACING PROGRAM). The Spinn fabric is an antidote to the feeling of a close-fitting Lycra based jersey and constructed from a knitted fabric for superior wicking and drying. The unique ‚Active‘ seam construction around the Raglan sleeve also allows full stretch for comfort around the shoulder, even with such a streamlined fit. The frontal area of the jersey is shorter in length and is a genuine pro-fit. This jersey wil
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In Rojax every cyclist can find the essential bicycle clothing. Our offer includes women's, men's and kids' clothing. The models available in this category cover cycling suits designed and tailored to the needs of amateurs and professionals. The specifically selected cut and materials allow for unrestricted riding under any conditions. Additionally, our products include comfortable cycling shoes.



Functional material

The bicycle clothing should be made of athletic synthetic fabrics. These are materials ensuring lightness and permeability, e.g., polyester, elastane or polyamide. The most important functions they should assure are moisture discharge, air permeability and thermal insulation. It is not pleasant nor safe for our health to beat the road in a sweaty and wet top. Thermoactive clothes are essential, particularly during long journeys or training cycles.

Match to riding style

The bicycle clothing should also be adjusted to the type of cycling you use. The clothing for an MTB cyclist riding on steep slopes looks unalike the clothing for a cyclist who rushes on a road bike along asphalt roads. What are the basic differences?

Professional cycling clothing is fit to the cyclist's silhouette to reduce air resistance while riding. The cycling top and shorts adhere to the body while ensuring the freedom of movement. The tops are provided with a zip which makes it easy to put on and remove a tight outfit. An additional functionality consists in zipped pockets on the front or back of the top.

MTB bicycle clothing, as well as trail-style or enduro-style clothes, is characterised by a wider and loose-fitting cut. They make it easier to handle difficult hills or exercise complicated manoeuvres during the ride. An MTB top usually has no back pockets as the cyclists most often take backpacks for longer bike trips.


The sun and positive temperatures are almost the ideal conditions for cycling. However, there are months when the thermometers show up to 30 degrees during the day. You do not wish to cancel the planned trip, don’t you? What to wear in the summer?

  • Cycling jersey - you should ensure that your summer top is made of breathable fabric that provides air ventilation and moisture discharge while riding. A common cotton T-shirt will not do well on the road at high temperatures.
  • Short cycling trousers - another obligatory item for a cyclist. Just like in the case of the top, cycling shorts’ material should drain sweat and properly ventilate the lower part of the body. In this way you can avoid painful burns.
  • Breathing socks - don't forget about your feet. Effective ventilation and protection against excessive sweating will allow you to comfortably travel any distance on hot days.

    odziez zimowa

    Going for a ride in winter, it is worth dressing in layers. You should put on a few thin layers of bicycle clothing that will protect you from the cold. When it gets a little warmer, you can take off one of the layers and adjust the temperature of your body. The base is, of course, a cycling top and warm socks. What else should you use in winter?

  • Cycling hoodie or jacket - an additional layer of clothing that is good to put over the top. It will effectively protect you from wind and cold during the ride and protect your body from heat loss.
  • Long cycling trousers - for colder months provide yourself with warmer trousers with long legs. When going for cycling trips at negative temperatures, it is very important to protect your joints from hypothermia.
  • Cycling gloves - in winter you should also protect your hands. Fullfinger gloves will keep your fingers warm, prevent frostbite and help you grip the handlebar.
  • Cycling headwear - when talking about cycling headwear, we obviously think of a helmet. However, you have to remember that this is not the only part of the cyclist gear that you put on your head for a ride. Think about protecting your head against cold and using a scarf or a cap under the helmet.

    Rainwear is suitable not only during autumn and winter cycling journeys. The weather can be surprising in the summer as well and can treat you to heavy rain or storm while riding. It is a good idea to have a light cycling jacket to protect yourself from rain. Rainwear should be made of impermeable, waterproof material. Apart from the jacket, it is worth having rainproof cycling pants.


    Regenerate your muscles using compression clothing. It is a specially designed pressure garment that helps reduce the feeling of muscle pain after intensive riding. The bands and socks available in this category will facilitate blood circulation and accelerate the regeneration of your legs before or after training.


    Bicycle helmet is a necessity for a responsible cyclist and a must for a professional. It determines the level of safety on the bike and, in the event of falling, protects against serious head damage and even death. It is an item of the cycling gear where it is not worth saving your money – your head and health are priceless. A well-selected helmet made of high-quality materials will ensure your safety during both recreation around the city and extreme downhill rides. Our store offers only helmets with safety certificates and meeting all applicable European standards.

    You can provide yourself with even greater safety by wearing cycling pads. The models available in our store are effective solutions to minimise the risk of injury or painful damage to the body. They are particularly required by cyclists preferring extreme driving and high speeds. As an additional protection, use cycling glasses and goggles to protect your eyes not only from the sun, but also from wind, dust or mud.


    The essential bicycle clothing not only protects your body from overheating or hypothermia. It is also a way to express your passion and nature. That's why patterns and printouts are as important as the quality of clothing. The selection criterion is often the favourite colour and even the colour of the bicycle to which you want to complete the rest of the outfit. In our store you will find hoodies, tops, jackets, pants and many other items for cyclists who prefer different styles and colours.

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