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Vivo SB-02-1545B cycling gloves
Verso winter cycling gloves, very warm and comfortable, ideal for use in low temperatures and difficult weather conditions. They are perfect for cycling, motorcycling, running or practicing other sports, because they do not restrict movement and guarantee a good, secure grip. Gloves retain heat very well, drain moisture and provide adequate ventilation thanks to the high-quality materials from which they were made. They were sewn with a 3-layer waterproof SOFT-SHELL fabric and a membrane. In add
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Vivo SB-02-1566 cycling gloves
VERSO winter cycling gloves. Very warm, comfortable and solid gloves, made with the greatest attention to detail to satisfy the most demanding users. They are a perfect solution during low, winter temperatures and bad weather conditions. They were made of high-quality materials, including 3-layer membrane of SOFT-SHELL fabric and foam. This combination ensures very good heat retention, moisture management and at the same time excellent ventilation. Winter gloves Verso SB-02-1566 have a special g
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Vivo SB-02-1582-E cycling gloves
Vivo winter cycling gloves. Very warm, breathable and comfortable, ideal for use in low temperatures and difficult weather conditions. The gloves are waterproof and perfectly protect against wind thanks to the use of a 3-layer Soft-Shell fabric and a membrane. The combination of these types of materials ensures very good heat retention, and at the same time good ventilation and moisture removal during use. Verso SB-02-1582-E winter gloves are equipped with a special gel insert, which is designed
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Vivo SB-02-6916 cycling gloves
VERSO winter gloves. They are made of high quality materials to ensure the greatest possible comfort of use as well as warmth and convenience. They have a membrane and 3 layers of a special SOFT-SHELL fabric. This combination ensures very good heat retention, adequate ventilation and moisture removal. The gloves are equipped with a special gel insert that absorbs shocks and guarantees a more secure grip. Winter gloves Verso SB-02-6916 are fastened with Velcro, which makes them easy to put on and
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Vivo SB-02-75005 cycling gloves
VERSO winter cycling gloves. Universal, light and pleasant to the touch gloves with a wide range of applications in terms of matching them to many different sports activities. They are perfect for cycling, motorcycling, jogging, as well as for everyday use. They are made of high quality materials, thanks to which they are distinguished by excellent heat retention, moisture removal and optimal ventilation. The gloves are resistant to wind and rain because they have a special SOFT-SHELL fabric and
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Every cyclist can equip himself with the necessary cycling clothing in the Rojax online store. Our offer includes both women's and men's bicycle clothing and children's clothing. The models available in this category are cycling clothes designed and adapted to the needs of amateurs and professionals. Specially selected cut and materials from which the clothes are made allow for unhindered riding in all conditions. In our offer you will also find comfortable cycling shoes.



Functional material

Clothing for a bicycle should be made of a sporty synthetic fabric. These are materials that make the garment light and breathable, e.g. polyester, elastane or polyamide. The most important functions that they should provide are: moisture management, air permeability and thermal insulation. It is not pleasant or safe for our health to cover the next kilometers in a sweaty and wet T-shirt. Thermoactive clothing is essential, especially during long routes or cycling training.

Adaptation to driving style

Cycling clothing should also be appropriate for the type of cycling you do. The stand will be different for an MTB cyclist overcoming steep descents, and different for a cyclist who rides his road bike on asphalt routes. What are the basic differences?

Professional cycling clothing fits the cyclist to reduce air resistance while riding. The jersey and cycling shorts fit snugly against your body while allowing freedom of movement. T-shirts are equipped with a zipper that makes it easy to put on and take off a tight fitting. Additional functionality are zippered pockets on the front or back of the shirt.

MTB cycling clothing as well as trail and enduro clothing are models distinguished by a wider and looser cut. As a result, they facilitate comfortable overcoming difficult slopes or performing complex maneuvers while driving. MTB shirts usually have no pockets on the back, as cyclists usually take a backpack with them on longer trips.


The sun and positive temperatures are almost perfect conditions for cycling. However, there are months when the thermometer indicator shows even 30 degrees during the day. However, you do not want to give up the planned trip. So how to wear a bike in summer?

  • Cycling jersey - you should make sure that the summer cycling jersey is made of breathable material that provides ventilation while riding and transporting moisture away. A regular cotton T-shirt will not work well when driving in high temperatures.
  • Cycling shorts are another must-have item in a cyclist's wardrobe. As with a jersey, the material of the cycling shorts should wick sweat and ventilate the lower body well. This way you will avoid painful burns.
  • Breathable cycling socks - don't forget your feet. Their effective ventilation and protection against excessive sweating will allow you to comfortably travel kilometers on hot days.

    odziez zimowa

    When choosing a bike in winter, it is worth wearing the so-called onion. It's a good idea to wear a few thin layers of cycling clothing to protect you from the cold. When it gets a little warmer, you can remove one of the layers and adjust your body temperature. The basis is, of course, a cycling jersey and warm socks. What else should you equip for winter driving?

  • A sweatshirt or a cycling jacket - this is an additional layer of clothing that should be worn over a cycling jersey. It will effectively protect you against wind and cold while driving and protect your body against heat loss.
  • Long cycling trousers - for the colder months, you should equip yourself with warmer cycling trousers with long legs. When choosing a bike trip during freezing temperatures, it becomes very important to protect your joints from cooling down.
  • Cycling gloves - also protect your hands in winter. Full gloves will warm your fingers, prevent frostbite and make it easier for you to grip the steering wheel.
  • Headgear for cyclists - when we talk about a cycling headgear, we obviously think of a helmet. However, we must remember that this is not the only element of a cyclist's outfit that we put on our head while riding. It is worth thinking about protecting the head from the cold in the form of scarves or caps under the helmet.

    Rainwear is useful not only during autumn and winter cycling trips. Also in summer, the weather can be surprising and it can rain or storm while driving. Then it is worth having a light cycling jacket with you to protect against rain. Clothing for rainy weather should be made of water-repellent, water-repellent material. In addition to the jacket, it is also worth equipping yourself with accessorieseco-rain cycling pants.


    Regenerate your muscles with compression garments. It is a specially designed compression garment that helps reduce the feeling of sore muscles after intense riding. The bands and socks available in this category will facilitate blood circulation and accelerate the regeneration of your legs before or after training.


    A bicycle helmet is a must for a responsible cyclist and an obligation for a professional. It determines the level of safety on the bike, and in the event of a fall it protects against serious head injuries or even death. This is an element of a cycling outfit that is not worth saving on - after all, your head and health are priceless. A well-chosen helmet made of high-quality materials will ensure your safety both during recreational driving around the city and during extreme descents. Only helmets with safety approvals and meeting all required European standards are available in our store.

    You will ensure even greater safety by wearing bicycle protectors. The models available in our store are an effective way to minimize the risk of injury or painful body injuries. Cyclists who prefer extreme riding and high speeds especially need it. For additional protection, use glasses and bicycle goggles that will protect your eyes not only from the sun, but also from wind, dust or mud.


    Necessary bicycle clothing is not only about protecting the body from overheating or cooling down. It is also a way to express your passion and individual character. Therefore, an equally important issue, right after the quality of the clothes, are their patterns and prints. Often the selection criterion is the favorite color, or even the color of the bicycle, for which we want to complete the rest of the outfit. In our store you will find sweatshirts, T-shirts, jackets, cycling pants and many other items of clothing for cyclists who prefer different styles and colors.

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