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Artek V-brake brake shoes
A complete set of Artek multi-functional V-brake shoes. Rim brakes are made of high-quality aluminum, which makes them very durable and solid. Install the brake pads using an Allen key. Artek V-brake brake shoes are perfect for trekking bikes. SPECIFICATION Brake type: V-brake Material: aluminum Installation of the pads: hexagon Silver color Set includes: pipes + rubber bands
Price 8,72 EUR 7,41 EUR
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Artek V-brake TRX brake shoes
A complete set of Artek multi-functional V-brake shoes. Rim brakes are made of high-quality aluminum, which makes them very durable and solid. Install the brake pads using an Allen key. Artek V-brake TRX brake shoes are designed for trekking bikes. SPECIFICATION Brake type: V-brake Material: aluminum Installation of the pads: hexagon black colour Set includes: pipes + rubber bands
Price 8,72 EUR 7,41 EUR
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C.Star road brake shoes 47-57mm
C.STAR brake shoes dedicated to road bikes. Made of high-quality, durable and strong aluminum. The jaws are characterized by equal distribution of forces on both arms, which translates into the quality of braking. The adjusting screw facilitates the precise alignment of the blocks in relation to the rim. In addition, the larger space between the arms and the tire provides greater protection against dirt. C.STAR brake shoes are dedicated to rims with a width of 47 - 57 mm. SPECIFICATION Brand: Cs
Price 15,43 EUR 13,12 EUR
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Caliper brake shoes
High-quality Caliper brake shoes made of metal with a chrome-plated coating. The set with the brake shoes includes brake pads. The Caliper brake shoes fit most bikes and are compatible with a variety of mudguards. SPECIFICATION material: metal color: chrome Brake pads included Weight: 210 g
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Kawei V-brake brake shoes
A complete set of Kawei V-brake shoes. The jaws are made of high-quality aluminum, which makes them very durable. They have a spring tension adjustment system, which translates into equal pressure of the jaws against the wheel on both sides and an appropriate gap between the jaws and the rim. Allen mounted brake pads. Kawei V-brake jaws can be used on the front and rear wheel. SPECIFICATION Brake type: V-brake Material: aluminum Installation of the pads: hexagon silver color In the cover: pipes
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Rojax is a bicycle parts store for a wide variety of cyclists. The necessary parts will be found here by people who service or overhaul their bike and need basic spare parts. Advanced bikers also have an equally large selection, who care about the quality and durability of their equipment at the highest level. The advantage of buying bicycle parts in the online store is also the ability to find the necessary spare parts in various price categories.


The offer includes, among others shock absorbers for MTB and trekking bikes, bicycle brakes, chains, handlebars, gears and shifting levers, cranks and bottom brackets, pedals, bicycle hubs, wheels, tires, bicycle tubes, as well as bicycle frames and forks, and many other parts for various types of bicycles.

In our online store you will find a number of parts for road, mountain, city and trekking bikes. Depending on the selected category, you can filter the results based on prices, brands and the availability of a given part in our warehouse.

Keeping bicycle parts in good condition allows you to ride safely and trouble-free. Some of them may need to be replaced with new ones after some time. It is worth taking care of them to be able to enjoy a comfortable ride all the time.


Bicycle brakes are one of the most important parts of a bicycle. The choice of brakes usually depends on their intended use. So the type of bike you have and the type of ride you prefer is important. The condition of the brake pads or discs should be checked on a regular basis in order to replace them with new ones at the right time.

The most popular types of bicycle brakes

  • V-brakes
  • This is the most common, universal solution for mountain, trekking and city bikes. The brake looks like the letter V - hence its name. It consists of two arms mounted on opposite sides of the fork. Both elements press the brake pads against the rim when the brake lever is pressed, causing braking. The main advantage of V-brake brakes is their braking power and the ease of repairing or replacing brake pads. It is worth knowing that due to the way they work (rubbing against the rim), they are easy to get dirty with e.g. mud or water, which affects their effectiveness.

  • Dual-Pivot Brakes
  • The method of operation and advantages of this type of brakes are similar to those in V-brake brakes - the brake pads rub against the wheel rim. The difference is their construction, which results in a lower braking force as opposed to the popular Vs. This solution is used in road bikes due to the possibility of grading the braking force and low weight. However, it may be difficult to repair them yourself.

  • U-brakes
  • U-brakes, similarly to V-brakes, owe their name to the shape that resembles the inverted letter U. This is a model of brakes that are currently used in BMX bikes, but they are less and less common due to the greater effectiveness of newer type brakes.

  • Cantilever brakes
  • Once very popular, today less and less used. Cantilever brakes consist of two arms connected by a steel cable to which a second tensioning cable is attached. This solution is currently used in cross-country bikes. Their advantage is low price and simple construction, and the biggest disadvantage is lower braking force and poor resistance to difficult weather conditions.

  • Disc brakes
  • Unlike the rim brakes described above, the disc brakes are mounted on the wheel hub. Their operation is based on the pressure exerted by the caliper with brake pads on the wheel disc. There are two types of disc brakes on the market: mechanical and hydraulic. They differ in the way their pressure is triggered. The first one acts on the steel brake cable, while in the case of hydraulic brakes, the brake fluid is responsible for braking. The main advantage of both types of disc brakes is very good braking power and resistance to difficult weather conditions. These brakes also allow modulating the braking force and do not contribute to the wear of the wheel rim. However, their disadvantage may be the high price and the complicated method of repair.

  • Torpedo brakes
  • The brake systems in the pedals (the so-called torpedo brakes) enable classic braking by turning the pedals backwards. Torpedo brakes are most often found on bikes without gears, e.g. for children or city bikes. This is an older type of brake that is not the most effective due to its moderate braking force. Its advantage is simplicity and resistance to weather conditions, but the main disadvantage is that it stops working if the bicycle chain breaks.

    In our store you can find brake discs, calipers and pads for any type of brake.



    Ride comfort depends to a large extent on the quality of wheels, tires and rims. The basic issue is their selection to the type of bike and the conditions, in Englishwhich we travel the most. Our bicycle parts store supplies every cyclist. All products in this category can be adjusted depending on the chosen field of cycling.


    A bicycle handlebar is the main steering component of a bicycle. Make sure that it is suited not only to your bike, but also to the riding style you prefer. In our offer you will also find other parts of the steering system, such as grips and stems as well as rudders. You can adjust each of them to any mountain bike, city bike, road bike, etc.


    They are responsible for the comfort on the bike, and the well-chosen ones enable even the longest ride without any ailments - bicycle saddles. Their choice depends largely on the gender of the rider. Women's models differ from men's saddles due to a different body structure. It is also important to adjust them to the riding style - a different saddle will be chosen by beginners, other professional athletes. In addition to bicycle saddles, we also offer seat supports (seat posts).


    Bicycle shock absorbers make it easier to ride a bike, especially if we often travel routes bristling with unevenness. We enable you to choose among mountain and trekking shock absorbers that can cope with even the biggest shocks while riding off-road.


    The bicycle chain is one of the main components of a bicycle drivetrain. It is thanks to him that we are able to set our two wheels in motion. It is also one of the bicycle parts that wears the fastest. Therefore, it is worth equipping yourself with a new chain that will save us in the event of an unforeseen breakdown or breakage. For those looking for other bicycle parts, we have also prepared chain tensioners, pedals and various types of sprockets and cassettes.

    We take care of a wide range in our online bicycle store, so you will find here all the necessary elements for your two-wheeler - from basic bicycle parts to bolts and accessories.

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