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BMX and dirt bike pedals


Pedals on BMX and Dirt bikes are the most common platform models with pins. They are chosen for their greater comfort and safety during extreme cycling. The platforms allow for easier tricks and do not restrict the athlete while maneuvering. Check our offer and choose models that can withstand even the most severe falls and impacts.

Verso NBP-8000 pedals
Verso aluminum bicycle pedals. The bodies are made of a durable and durable aluminum alloy by casting. The pedals have special teeth that prevent the footwear from slipping and provide its stable support during use. The pedals have a steel axle and ball bearings that ensure their smooth operation, as well as secure mounting. In addition, the Verso BMX NBP-8000 pedals are equipped with orange reflectors that improve the visibility of the entire bike, and at the same time increase the safety of th
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Author APD-F15 LSL Pedals
The pedal AUTHOR F15 is still thin, it’s still stylish, and it can take all the beating that you can give it and keep it rolling on. Replaceable Cr-Mo pins Polished aluminium body. CNC machined Cr-Mo axle comes with 6mm hex wrench hole. LSL & double sealed ball bearings. Platform shape 114 x 104x18 mm. Weight only 440 g. SPECIFICATION Brand: Author Black colour Material: aluminum 6061-T6 Type: platform Weight: 440 g
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Dartmoor Stream Pro pedals
Lightweight alu die casted pedals with perfect grip and strong body design. Cr-Mo steel axle for strength and stiffness. 10 pins per side (6 removable). Available in two versions: Stream Pro - with sealed bearing and DU-bushing; Stream - with ball bearings. The pedals are available in the following colors: Red Devil, Space Blue, Scout Green, black, white. SPECIFICATION Brand: Dartmoor Color: Red Devil, Space Blue, Scout Green, Black, White Height: 18 mm Platform dimensions: 90 x 95 mm Weight: 44
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Dartmoor Rush pedals
Durable composite pedals with metal replaceable pins with slim and lightweight platform. Rush pedals are equipped with serviceable sealed bearing and bushing and strong Cr-Mo axle. Good traction is provided by the 8 replaceable metal pins and 2 molded plastic pins per side. SPECIFICATION Brand: Dartmoor Black colour Height: 18.5 mm Platform dimensions: 108x96mm. Weight: 305g.
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Rojax bike store with parts for various types of cyclists. The necessary parts are available for individuals who repair or service their bicycles and need the required basic spare parts. Equally broad range of products is provided for professional bikers who care about the quality and durability of their top-notch equipment. The advantage of purchasing of bicycle parts in this on-line shop is also a possibility to find the necessary spare parts in different price categories.


The range includes, but is not limited to, MTB and trekking bike dampers, bike brakes, chains, handlebars, derailleurs and pulleys, cranks and bottom brackets, pedals, hubs, wheels, tyres, tubes, frames and forks and many other bicycle parts.

In our on-line shop you will find a number of parts for road, mountain, city and trekking bikes. Depending on the selected category, you can filter the results according to the prices, brands and availability of a given part in our warehouse.

Keeping the bicycle parts in good condition allows for safe and failure-free ride. After a longer period of time some of them may need to be replaced with new ones. It is worth taking care of them to be able to enjoy a comfortable ride all the time.


Bicycle brakes are one of the most important bike components. The selection of the brakes is usually dependent on their intended use. What is important is the type of bicycle you have and the nature of the ride you prefer. Check the wear of brake pads or discs on a regular basis to replace them with new ones at the right time.

The most common types of bicycle brakes

  • V-brakes
  • It is the most common and versatile solution for mountain, trekking and city bikes. The V-brake resembles the letter "V" – this is where its name have come from. It is designed of two arms mounted on opposite sides of a fork. When the brake lever is pushed, the brake pads are pressed against the rim, causing braking. The basic advantage of the V-brakes is their braking force and the ease of repair or replacement of brake pads. It is important to know that because of their function (friction against the rim) they are prone to become dirty e.g. with mud or water, which affects their performance.

  • Dual-Pivot brakes
  • The principles of operation and the advantages of such brakes are similar to the V-brakes – the brake pads are rubbed against the wheel rim. The only difference is their design which causes the braking force to be lower than in the V-brakes. This solution is used in road bikes due to the possibility of gradual adjustment of braking force and low weight. Their self-repair may, however, be difficult.

  • U-brakes
  • As in the case of the V-brakes, the U-brakes owe their name to the shape which resembles an inverted letter “U”. This is a model currently used in BMX bikes, but it is less and less common due to increasingly higher performance of newer brakes.

  • Cantilever brakes
  • Used to be very popular, they are becoming less popular today. The cantilever brakes consist of two arms connected with a steel wire to which the other strain wire is attached. The solution is currently used in cross-country bicycles. Their advantage is low price and simple design, while their most important flaw is lower braking force and poor resistance to harsh weather conditions.

  • Disc brakes
  • Unlike the above-mentioned shoe brakes, disc brakes are mounted on the hub of the wheel. Their operation is based on the pressure inflicted by the clamp with the brake pads on the wheel disc. There are two types of disc brakes available on the market: mechanical and hydraulic brakes. They differ in the way their pressure is initiated. The first one works on the basis of a steel brake wire, while in the case of hydraulic brakes braking fluid is responsible for braking. The main advantage of both types of disc brakes is very good braking force and resistance to unfavourable weather conditions. The brakes also allow the braking force to be adjusted and do not contribute to the wear of the wheel rim. Their disadvantage may be high price and complex repair.

  • Coaster brakes
  • The system of brakes in the pedals (the so-called coaster brakes) enable classic braking by rotating the pedals in reverse. The coaster brakes are most commonly used in bikes without derailleurs, such as in kids’ or city bikes. This is an older type of brakes that is rather ineffective because of average braking force. Its advantage is the simplicity and resistance to weather conditions, but the main disadvantage is that they stop operating in the event of chain breakage.

    Our store offers brake discs, clamps and shoes for any type of brakes.



    The cyclist's riding comfort depends on the quality of wheels, tyres and rims. The basic issue is their selection according to the bicycle type and the conditions in which you most often ride. Our bicycle store supplies all cyclists. All products in this category can be adjusted depending on the selected cycling discipline.


    The bicycle handlebar is a key component of the bicycle steering system. Make sure it not only fits to your bike, but also matches your preferred riding style. In our offer you will also find other parts of the steering system, such as handlebar grips and brackets as well as headset. You will match each of them to any mountain, city, road and any other bike.


    They are responsible for riding comfort, and the ones that are well selected enable even the longest ride to be covered without any troubles – saddles. Their choice depends largely on the sex of the cyclist. Women's models differ from men's saddles due to the different human body type. It is also important to adapt them to the riding style – one saddle will be chosen by a beginner, and another by a professional athlete. In addition to bicycle saddles, we also offer seatposts.


    Bicycle dampers make it easier to ride a bike, especially if you often beat routes abundant with obstacles. We make it possible for you to choose from among the dampers for mountain and trekking bikes which can handle even the biggest shocks when riding in the field.


    A bicycle chain is one of the main components of the bicycle drive system. The system is the reason you are able to set the bike in motion. It is also one of the parts that gets worn in the first place. This is why it is worthwhile to buy a new chain that will save you in the event of an unforeseen failure or a breakage. For those looking for other bicycle parts, we have also prepared chain tensioners, pedals and various types of sprockets and cassettes.

    We care for a wide range of products in our on-line shop where you will find all the necessary components for your two-wheeler – from basic parts to screws and accessories.

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